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UKMat Group design and manufacture a comprehensive range of commercial entrance matting products, backed by a hugely experienced nationwide Installation operation. We also provide the most advanced, entrance matting refurbishment, programme in the industry.

On this site you will find a wealth of information to help you to decide upon the right design for your current needů Primary Matting, Secondary Matting, Rollable Grid, Heavy Duty, Low Profile Matting, flexible or aluminium, Tufted Nylon Pile, Polypropylene Rib, Rubber Rib, Open Construction or Closed Construction. Its all explained here and if you need to know more in order to make your selection just email or phone our helpdesk for an immediate response.

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About Us

Established by Group Chairman Harry Hilton in 1975 UK Mat Installations was the founding arm of the UK Mat Group. Originally a contract installations operation to the major entrance matting manufacturers the company is recognised by many as the industry's leading provider of mat installation services.

A family concern, UKM has progressively developed over three generations, designing and manufacturing entrance carpeting and matting systems under the UKM brand, encompassing a wide range of the most popular designs currently available on the world market.



UKM considers environmental issues before, during and after the manufacturing process. Mindful of, and in line with the requirements of ISO 14001 and the environment, UKM is continually working to prevent pollution, improve efficiency and minimise waste within its operations. UKM Research and Development has enabled the company to produce matting systems with over 85% recycled material content which are essentially 100% recyclable, paramount in environmentally focussed applications.

Public safety and the DDA.

It is widely accepted that effective entrance matting, properly specified and installed, can dramatically reduce the cleaning and maintenance costs of commercial premises. Furthermore, attention is now increasingly focussed upon its contribution in the reduction of slip-fall accident rates in public entrance ways. The UKM product range is designed to meet the most stringent of safety standards and we strongly recommend that materials are fully considered for these qualities prior to specification.

The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA) introduced to acknowledge the need of a more inclusive environment for the disabled, demands certain criteria for floor surfaces in entrance ways. UKM is firmly committed to the achievement of this requirement and are able to provide guidance in DDA legislation.